Sprouted Ragi Flour



Sprouted Ragi Flour


Ragi, also known as finger millet, is a widely grown cereal in the Asian and African countries. With a rich content of iron, calcium, and other important minerals, Ragi has long been tagged as one of the super-foods. What’s even more interesting is that, all the vitamin and mineral components of Ragi increase manifold when it is sprouted.

So, what are the benefits of sprouted Ragi that makes it the favorite cereal of the health-conscious? Let’s find out!

1. Ensures better absorption of iron in the body

The iron content is increased at least ten times in sprouted Ragi compared to the simple milled ones. The milled Ragi has about five milligrams of iron per hundred grams. This increases to fifty-one milligrams of iron per hundred grams upon sprouting.

2. The high fiber content for better digestion

The amount of dietary fiber that Ragi has is higher than white rice. Thus, it helps indigestion. Since it keeps you full for a long time, it also prevents binge eating throughout the day. Just a bowl of sprouted Ragi in the morning can fill you up, and give you enough energy to start the day.

3. Helps in controlling the blood sugar levels

The high fiber and polyphenol content offer another important benefit in the form of controlling the glucose levels in the blood. Diets that include Ragi have assuredly low glycemic response. So, for diabetes patients who want to keep a check on blood sugar levels, Ragi can act as a great remedy.

4. Increasing absorption of calcium in the body

The process of germination of Ragi raises the calcium levels by nearly twenty percent. It helps the body to absorb calcium more readily as sprouting ensures a reduction in anti-nutrients. These anti-nutrients end up locking up the minerals and making them hard to digest by your body.

Sprouted Ragi has one of the highest calcium content out of all minerals. When it comes to bone development in children or maintaining bone health in adults, there is hardly cereal that is better than sprouted Ragi.

5. Helps the body to relax naturally

Sprouted Ragi is full of antioxidants and amino acids that help in relaxing the body naturally. The ailments like depression, headaches, insomnia, and anxiety can be effectively battled with sprouted Ragi. Tryptophan, a type of amino acid contained in Ragi, is the reason behind the relaxing effects of it.

6. A necessary component of a gluten-free diet

If you are someone who follows a gluten-free diet or for the patients of celiac disease, sprouted Ragi is a must-have. Sprouted Ragi does not have any gluten component in it, which is not something that many bowls of cereal can boast of because gluten is one of the main components of most cereals.

7. An important cereal for the new moms

Sprouted Ragi helps the new moms because it increases lactation. It improves milk handling, along with imbibing it with calcium, iron, and the essential amino acids. All these nutrients are great for both the baby and the mother. In fact, doctors prescribe Ragi to new moms to increase their milk production.

8. The perfect food to shred the extra kilos

Sprouted Ragi has one of the lowest natural fat levels compared to other kinds of cereals. Besides, even this is unsaturated fat, which is not an unhealthy fat. To add to that, Tryptophan reduces appetite. So, all in all, people who are trying to shed the extra kilos need to replace rice and wheat for sprouted Ragi.

9. A form of natural remedy for anemia

As mentioned earlier, sprouted Ragi is a good source of iron. So, it is a great natural remedy for the ones suffering from low hemoglobin levels and anemia. It has high Vitamin C content, which increases further on sprouting. An increase in Vitamin C levels leads to higher absorption of iron in the body.

10. It is an excellent choice for the babies

Sprouted Ragi and its many benefits make it an excellent food choice for the babies, as well. It helps in their digestion, makes their bones stronger, and aids in their overall development. Including sprouted Ragi in the regular diet of babies can be really beneficial to their health in the long run.

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