The recent surge in the number of people highlighting or dying their hair makes it seem like hair coloring is a recent phenomenon. However, this isn’t true. The art of hair coloring is centuries old! In the ancient times, people simply used plant-drives natural dyes like Henna and Indigo to dye their hair.


Among all-natural dyes used across the world, Henna is the most popular and it isn’t without reason. Apart from being an amazing ingredient to naturally dye hair, henna also strengthens, conditions and nourishes your hair from deep within!

The earliest use of Henna was in 1200 BC when it was used to dye the hair and nails of pharaohs. It’s even said that Cleopatra herself used henna to adorn her body. For centuries, mehndi—the art of painting henna on the body—has been believed to bring love, good fortune, prosperity, and protect the wearer against all evil.



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Benefits of Using Henna For Hair



Henna, best known as one of the most popular beauty ingredients in India, has been taking care of most of our hair troubles since the times of yore. Women across the country have been taking their mother’s and grandmother’s advice on applying henna to their hair for years, if not centuries and reaping the benefits out of it.



benefits of henna



It is a go-to ingredient for every natural hair care enthusiast. But, did you know that apart from being an extremely fabulous ingredient for naturally dyeing hair, henna offers a lot of other benefits for hair? This versatile hair ingredient can be used for maintaining overall hair health. Let’s discover how henna helps boost overall hair strength and growth.



1. Henna Maintains Scalp Health



Henna has a cooling effect on the scalp. The antifungal and antimicrobial properties of henna help in maintaining the scalp health by fighting against various scalp issues like dandruff, scalp itchiness, etc. It helps in removing impurities from the hair which further helps in preventing dandruff.



2. Henna Balances PH levels and Oil production



Not only does henna helps you in keeping issues like dandruff at bay, but it is also an excellent ingredient for balancing the pH and oil production of your scalp. It helps in removing the excess oils from your hair, unclogging follicles and restoring the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.



3. Henna Curbs Hair Fall and Boosts Hair Growth



The boosted scalp health, balanced pH levels, and unclogged pores that we discussed above help put a stop to hair fall and promote healthy hair growth. Henna not only helps in growing your hair faster but also improves the texture of your hair.



4. Henna Strengthens And Repairs Hair



The nutrients in henna help repair hair damage while also nourishing your hair. It helps to seal the hair cuticle which results in hair locks that are more lustrous. This indeed helps in improving hair elasticity.



5. Henna Conditions Hair



Henna helps in building a protective barrier around each one of your hair shafts, locking in the moisture and keeping the hair conditioned. It can be very beneficial when we use it along with other hydrating ingredients. Henna helps in minimizing issues like split ends and hair breakage.


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