Plastic Free July: challenge accepted!

It’s hard to imagine life without plastic, but it’s even harder to imagine life without clean and functional Oceans, don’t you think?
Taking this challenge is a great way to start (and keep) new Eco-conscious habits.

Sequence Collection: handcrafted fashion products breaking the cycle of violence

Your style could change people’s lives. Beneath the surface of this brand lies the purposeful mission of disrupting the cycle of violence for young men at risk of joining the gangs in El Salvador. Here’s the soulful story of the Founder who, by staying true to her values, found the courage and perfect way to fight against one of the harshest problems in the Salvadorean society.

Green living at home: one step at a time

The choices we make on our everyday life have an impact on the environment, and there are simple actions that can be taken to reduce that impact.
This journey starts from within, so here’s list of few things you can do at home to lead a more sustainable life.