Conscious Fashion: Defining the terms

Slow |¬†Eco |¬†Ethical |¬†Sustainable There’s not a single answer or definition for each of these terms. We’re talking about concepts that are subject to personal…

Can vegan leather be far from Ethical?

If you’ve been buying vegan leather as a conscious decision for the environment, you’ve might been led astray. Choosing leather can be tricky so, mastering a little leather lingo might be the way to choose the right products.

Sequence Collection: handcrafted fashion products breaking the cycle of violence

Your style could change people’s lives. Beneath the surface of this brand lies the purposeful mission of disrupting the cycle of violence for young men at risk of joining the gangs in El Salvador. Here’s the soulful story of the Founder who, by staying true to her values, found the courage and perfect way to fight against one of the harshest problems in the Salvadorean society.