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Foods To Ease Your Period Pain

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5 Natural Foods To Ease Period Pain Here are a list of seven natural foods to make going through the monthly cycle a little easier – Vitamin E  Taking daily vitamin E supplements can significantly reduce the severity and duration of period pain, and limit blood loss, according to new study.… Read More »Foods To Ease Your Period Pain

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Is Refined Sugar Bad For You?

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People have become more scared about consumption of sugar as its ill effects are becoming more and more popular. Sadly, people end up avoiding all sugars thinking its bad for them. Natural sugars that occur in fruits, vegetables, and nuts are avoided thinking that ‘sugar’ is harmful in… Read More »Is Refined Sugar Bad For You?

Is a Vegetarian Diet Really Enough For You To Be Healthy?

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Vegetarian diets are gaining in popularity — even among regular meat-eaters. As more and more individuals reduce their meat intake, one essential question remains: Are vegetarian and vegan diets healthy? The answer is yes. If appropriately planned, vegetarian diets can be healthful, nutritionally adequate and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

IS Ghee Really Good For You?

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As the rise of healthy fats continues and our nutritional lexicon becomes more saturated, there’s another high-fat item lining supermarket shelves, luring you with its bright, golden hue. A clarified butter with roots in ancient India, ghee remained marginally unknown in the United States until the last few… Read More »IS Ghee Really Good For You?