Born and raised in El Salvador, currently living in Italy. I’m an innate curious, natural stubborn and owner of a fertile imagination. Uncomplicated, passionate for simplicity and a firm believer of ‘less is more’. I get easily inspired by those who unleash the best in me and I love to spread good onto people around me.

I’m on a mission of living a greener, happier life.

I’ve always claimed I love the environment but I never truly lived like I did. I was always caught in the dichotomy between enjoying the ‘good things’ modern life has to offer and doing what’s actually right for the world. Becoming a mother re-framed my perception of all these things and made me realize that I want to be worthy of imitation.

I created The Eco Nut as a reflection of this new stage of my life. I want to share my Conscious journey with the hope that, by drawing the attention on the things that really matter, I can shape the mindset and inspire others to lead a more purposeful life.

It’s a space dedicated to those who (like me) cherish all things beautiful, handmade, well-designed, Ethical, delicious, organic, local, Eco-friendly, sustainable and, above all, fun.