Borgo Baccile: Do yourself a favor and stay here in Italy

Have you ever heard the Italian saying ‘il dolce far niente’? Well, this place couldn’t be more accurate to explain what that means. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is to hold tight to your glass of wine.   

Borgo Baccile is a far-fetched Wine Resort immersed in the greenery of Abruzzo’s hills, with an infinity pool floating over the vineyards and a restored structure filled with inherited treasures. They recently opened their doors to the world and I’m sharing this post because next time you visit Italy, you deserve to enter their stress-free zone.

Quiet, timeless and elegant. It’s a spot where everything moves at the pace of nature and inspired by the passion for viticulture. Relaxation simply takes over you.

Guardians of heritage.

The property was the rural residence of the well-known wine maker’s family Fantini. The great part of this is that the youngest generation of the family, who’s now in charge to run the business, decided to carefully recover the 1700s stone walls of the whole structure. So, when you enter the rooms you can breathe the history through the walls and get the amazing sense of being in a real wine cave. They’ve merged it all with modern decor and dim lighting to evoke elegance and peace. The whole place just gives you a sense of cleanliness.

Eco travelers: welcome home.

It would be an understatement to say that Borgo Baccile is a little Eco-friendly. From organic vineyards to solar energy, locally-grown food and natural bath care products. Most of the things you see and consume here are aligned with the Eco mentality. It seems kind of obvious that in a place like this you can only get inspired by nature and mindfulness.

Besides relaxing in the pool, you can always walk around the vineyards and submerge yourself in one of the best wine regions of Italy. And if you are the explorer kind, you can visit the nearest town called Crecchio where you can savor handmade pasta and buy some fresh local products.

Attention wine lovers!

You’re going to love this: upon arrival, you get offered a delicious bottle of wine to kick start your holiday. But of course one isn’t enough when you truly love wine, so you can always reach to the staff (wine experts) for recommendations. According to my personal experience, they were pretty great reading my palate. I ended up tasting a few delicious bottles of red from their wide collection.

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