Lula Mena: Conscious Design empowering at-risk women in El Salvador

As a proud Salvadorean, I can’t resist to shout out loud the great initiatives that social entrepreneurs like Lula Mena are making to better lives in El Salvador.

I had the chance to meet this inspiring woman a few years back, and from the beginning I could tell her heart and vision were as big as her smile. Along with her natural charm and innate talent, Lula designs fashion and home accessories to empower at-risk women in her country.

In case you’re not familiar with the history of El Salvador, it’s a nation that has survived a civil war, political instability and nowadays it’s riddled with violent gangs and featuring one of the highest murder rates of the world. Unfortunately, people from rural areas are those suffering the most, lacking job opportunities and deprived from fair wages to lead a decent life.

At Lula’s workshops, these women from rural areas are empowered with knowledge and training, are paid fairly and given the chance to contribute financially to their families. But her mission goes beyond improving lives, she’s also focused on having a positive impact on the environment by producing everything under sustainable and ethical principles.

One of her latest collections (and one of my faves!) was developed under a zero waste mentality and inspired by an unusual re-purposed material: Copper Threads found inside energy cables.

The idea came when a big energy company was replacing more than 60,000 meters of cables for digital ones, generating a waste issue and huge pollution for the environment. So, Lula decided she could reuse all those copper threads by weaving them into natural loom and bring to life amazing jewelry pieces and accessories. You can see and shop the collection here.

Besides using Eco-friendly, natural and/or locally grown materials, she’s a guardian of traditions. Her pieces fuse modernity with cultural heritage in such a clever way, each design tells a story.

Lula believes that when you empower a woman, a generation is empowered. And I couldn’t agree more!

By the way, the newest collection is inspired by the sun, I can’t be more excited to bright up my outfits and spread a little light with these mindful pieces.

(some of the images on this post have been taken from Lula Mena‘s pages)

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