Pela: the Eco-friendly phone case making things better

Have you any idea how many phone cases are in the world? It has exceeded the number of the world’s population! That’s a lot of plastic, huh?

I had a hard time finding an Eco-friendly phone case until I came across Pela on Instagram.

About Pela Phone Case

Pela is made from an innovative plant-based material called Flaxstic™ , which is a mix of flax straw-waste, starch-based biopolymer and other recycled materials. They’re also free from BPA (a chemical bad for you!), lead, candinium and phthalates (another chemical enemy). To sum up, they’re pretty much Eco-friendly and best part of all, 100% biodegradable.

I know we’re talking just about a phone case here but, giving the number of people with phones, this is a small solution for one of the huge problems in the world now: plastic pollution!

Another great thing about this phone cases is that you can personalize it by engraving mindful sayings such as ‘lead the way’ or ‘believe in better’ to spread the message everywhere you go.


Personally, I think the case fits great on my iphone, the flexible material makes it easy to handle. It’s practical, light and comfortable. It does not stick to your hair like many I had before and it’s easy to pull out from your jeans pockets. Besides the tangible advantages, I love the mission and purpose behind this product.

An environmental cause: Pay it Forward

Pela is a member of 1% for the Planet which means they donate a percentage of their sales for the mission of creating a healthy Planet.

When you receive your case (apart from getting a soulful personalized message from the Pela Team), you get a referral link which your friends and family buying it later can use to donate $3 to a selection of charities they’ve partnered with.

Can’t think of a better way to carry out a reminder that we’re responsible of making the right choices when we buy our stuff, that no matter how small the action it always has an impact and that you can help the Planet without compromising your sense of good style 🙂





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