Green Guide Milan: FIVE restaurants you’ll love!

Seeking for a balance between great flavors and healthy food? Well, Italy is not just about pizza and pasta, there are also cool green restaurants in town. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, a fan of organic food or simply on a diet, this guide will make your mouth all watery.

I’ve collected some of my favorite spots in Milan, from street food style to high cuisine so you can go wherever your mood, schedule, location and budget can take you. Enjoy!

Soul Green



A perfect place for the Meatless Burger Lovers, and also for those loving salads, soups, sweets, smoothies, natural juices & all kind of soulful stuff. Soulgreen offers a plant-based cuisine where every recipe includes natural, organic and fresh quality ingredients. Even tough you eat a lot of green in this place, you’ll get surprised of how colorful is your food served. Every dish on their menu is loaded of creativity, passion and some of them even have eatable flowers!

At the Greensoul Community, they’re not only passionate for green but also for giving back. They have a charity program called “Proud to Give Back” where they help to provide water and food to children in need. So far they’ve changed the lives of 150 children from the orphanage “Our Village” in Cambodia, by guaranteeing a healthy & balanced diet through 3 meals a day.

Piazzale Principessa Clotilde Ang. Via Vespucci, 20124 Milano | +39 02 6269 5162

Flower Burger


This is a Veganburgheria where you’ll find pure natural homemade happiness. Such a friendly atmosphere and casual style, it wouldn’t be rare that you end up sharing your table with other vegan burger lovers. Here, the burgers come in pretty much every flavor, from the cherry bomb to the special orange. But the best part of all is that the bread, sauces and patty are made in-house which means everything you put into your mouth is totally fresh and brand new for your palate. By the way, the fries are AMAZING too! Bravo to Matteo Toto and his team for putting up this cool healthy-spirit concept together.

Viale Vittorio Veneto, 10, 20124 Milano | +39 02 3962 8381




The temple of vegetarian cuisine, starred by Michein! This is the house for the gourmet and fans of natural. All the ingredients are organic, hand-picked by the Chef and cultivated by nearby farmers. The gastronomy here exposes nature in its greatest form, through shapes, contrast and flavors. Every dish is a colorful spectacle and a source of inspiration. There’s Joia Gourmet with an estimated of 100 EUR per head (trust me, every penny’s worth it!) but there’s also the bistrot Joia Kitchen that offers the same quality of food under a simpler menu and of course a much more friendly price. For both, reservation is recommended.

Via Panfilo Castaldi 18, 20124, Milano | +39 0229522124

Green Station


If you’re in search for a quick healthy lunch, this is the place to stop by. A very cool Bio Bistrot in the heart of Milan where the menu evokes pure simplicity and healthy food. They change the menu almost daily to make sure you get only the freshest products and you can also pass by for breakfast, tea time or enjoy an after office aperitivo. At the Green Station they make sure all the ingredients they use are cultivated under the motto of respecting the nature and the people working the lands.

Via Spadari 13, 20123 Milano 



w630_nun_20150720164752 (1)

Middle Eastern Food! Who doesn’t crave a Kebab these days? This is not an entirely green or vegan restaurant because they serve traditional middle eastern food but the good news are that they’re signature is flexibility so if you’re a vegan or on a diet, you’re in the right place. You can choose whatever combination you’d like from the blackboard! These guys have truly reinvented the Kebab concept by taking it to a higher quality level and integrating the organic option in their menu.

Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 36, 20129 Milano | +39 02 9163 7315 

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