Sequence Collection: handcrafted fashion products breaking the cycle of violence

Ariela Suster, the creator of Sequence Collection, is on a mission of disrupting the cycle of violence for young men who are at risk of joining violent gangs in El Salvador. After experiencing this violence firsthand, when her brother was kidnapped and kept captive for over a year, she decided she wanted to do something to improve the harsh reality of the country she still calls home.

Currently based in New York, she regularly travels to El Salvador where she works closely with the local artisans. Each Collection is inspired by the urban streets of NY mixed with the volatile sides of life in El Salvador. It’s an artistic expression of both cultures.


Her company not only employs these young men under fair wages and ethical working conditions but it also provides education opportunities. Her goal is to give them something to feel proud of, to make them succeed and become leaders to other young people. She empowers her artisans to become agents of change themselves.

Spread the powerful message of No Violence around the world.

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The #noviolencebracelet is a mindful way to complement an outfit with a little consciousness and transmit such a purposeful message. All the accessories and fashion products they create, are an option to spread the word about positive alternatives to violence.


There’s no doubt they have become a role model in the world of sustainable business and social entrepreneurship.

A fashion-tech collaboration to inspire the Planet

Ariela is the type who sees no limits to what is possible. Her ambitious mind and the urge of highlighting the artists she empowers, brought the attention to Microsoft. They partnered to create a Collection of 3 bracelets that contain an NFC chip that, when tapped against your smartphone plays a short video about the making of the bracelet.

This initiative helps customers understand the direct impact of their purchase and get to see the reality of bettering lives. I believe more socially conscious fashion brands should use technology to spread their stories and connect consumers directly to the impact they make.


(all visual material featured in this post has been taken from their inspirational website, which you should visit now!)


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