Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

Apple cider vinegar and honey prevent and cure many illnesses. It is in the record books for being used as an anti-aging elixir. Not only that, it cleanses and has disinfectant properties and people use it too to self-detoxify. They acidify your diet and so, take a teaspoon or two of them of cider vinegar after you have dissolved them in water with a little amount of honey every day.

Yes there have been divergent views on acid/alkaline foods and how their PH affects the body but apple cider vinegar has the same acidity as distilled vinegar. They both have acetic acid which is not alkaline with a PH of about 3. It is an acid definitely considering it has a neutral of 7.

Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful home remedy for old timers and cures a lot more ailments than any other available folk remedy curing allergies regardless of whether they are pet, food or environment allergies.

Apple cider vinegar and honey also treats sinus infections, high cholesterol, acne, flu, chronic fatigue and acid reflux just to mention a few. It has an uncanny ability to break down fat making it widely used to help people loose weight. It can get your high blood pressure back to normal in two weeks if taken daily in water.

It is as wonderful to people as it is to pets. Dogs, cats and horses thank apple cider vinegar and honey for healing arthritic conditions, fighting flea and barn flies and giving them a shine on their coats.

Apple cider vinegar is among the most important natural remedies when it comes to healing the body. It has a taste that you will find hard to get over. It has it’s side effects but it is a wonderful one in that it gives your skin a healthy rosy complexion that glows.
It is very easy to understand how this remedy works.

The blood stream of the person taking it tends to become acidic. The food that people take in this day and age are starch and processed foods which are fatty and are a good breeding ground for diseases but the alkaline forming ability of apple cider vinegar corrects this acidity and still uses it to fight and prevent infections. Honey is added to the vinegar so that it is easier for people to drink it. More good news is that raw honey, that which hasn’t been processed studies shows that it is an alkaline-forming food.

It has also been found that in 45 minutes after eating honey, blood has more alkalinity and if you are diabetic, the blood sugar levels drop. The explanation of this is that unlike sugar that has been processed and artificial sweeteners honey gets absorbed very quickly into the body cells and used at the same time to burn than just sitting in the blood.

The first time that you drink apple cider vinegar formula, it might or will definitely taste horrible but it will taste good as your body becomes less acidic and increases in alkalinity.

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